Wed. Aug 21st, 2019

Jordania wants to 'wake up' Den Bosch with legal process

Kakhi Jordania has announced that he is disappointed in the club leadership of FC Den Bosch and hopes to force a conversation through a courtroom. The businessman wants to shake up the first divisionist, he says, and also tries to recover (part of) his investments. The two appear in court on Wednesday.

The KNVB decided on Thursday that Jordania should definitely not become a major shareholder in the club. The union judged that the origin of Georgian money is too unclear.


Jordania is disappointed that Den Bosch no longer wants to make any attempt to reverse the decision of the appeal committee of the KNVB. The walk to the sports tribunal CAS could still be a possibility.

"This lawsuit is against the board, not against the club," Jordania, the son of former Vitesse owner Merab Jordania, asserts in a statement. In it he also writes that he has invested more money than initially intended, but that the relationship between him and club management has cooled when the finances for the coming season were discussed.

Jordania indicated in July 2018 that he wanted to take over Den Bosch and since then put a lot of money into the club. The player's budget, for example, went up considerably.

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