Wed. Aug 21st, 2019

Orange women to the finals of the World Cup!

It worked! The Dutch soccer women are in the final of the football world cup. That is very special, because never before have the Dutch women managed to reach the final. After an exciting game against Sweden, the Netherlands won 1-0.

The semi-final was exciting until the final seconds. Sweden had more chances but both teams were unable to score and it remained 0-0.

Goalkeeper Sari van Veenendaal, in particular, prevented a few good chances from the Swedish team. Vivianne Miedema had a good chance but just headed the crossbar.

There was an extension and then Jackie van Groenen suddenly made a nice goal. View the summary of the competition below:

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Great joy for orange fans in the Lyon stadium. The Orange Women play the final against America next Sunday at 5 AM.

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