Mon. Jul 22nd, 2019

Sportforum: "Why should ADO Den Haag not appoint Wiegman in the long term?" – FIFA World Cup soccer (f)

A woman at the helm of a men's soccer team. It has never happened in the Premier League, but who knows in the near future. Sarina Wiegman seems the ideal candidate for this. "Why not?" It sounds in the Sportforum.

In the forum, of course, a lot of attention was given to the performance of the Orange Women at the last World Cup. Only America was stronger in France than the Netherlands, which may become vice world champion.

"Top coach and top woman"

The success of the team is also the success of the coach, according to the guests at the table at the Sportforum. "I think she really is a top coach and a top woman," says Arno Vermeulen, who was active in France as a NOS football commentator.

Daniël Dwarswaard followed the Orange Women on behalf of the AD. He asked the players to paint a picture of Wiegman. "Daniëlle van de Donk told me that Wiegman is sweet but also hard. That is a wonderful but also a golden combination."

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