Mon. Jul 22nd, 2019

Utrecht remains busy on the transfer market: now Dalmau from Heracles

Adrián Dalmau exchanges Heracles for FC Utrecht. The Spanish top scorer of the Almeloërs was already for weeks after a strong debut season in the Premier League with nineteen goals to force a transfer.

For example, Dalmau (25) refused to take a seat at the end of June on the team photo for the new season, because the club did not want to cooperate in a transfer to Maccabi Tel Aviv.

With FC Utrecht, which was still too strong for Heracles in the play-offs for European football this season, Dalmau has yet to take its step higher.

Dalmau: "I informed the club that I am ready for a new step. And that step is FC Utrecht. Last season we had a lot of trouble with Utrecht with Heracles. It is a good team with a high level. If I am here get more chances, why should I not be able to score more than last year's nineteen. My feeling at this club is good. "

Seven tons

With Cyriel Dessers, another attacker follows the opposite path. Dessers (24) signed Tuesday for three years in Almelo. The Belgian had a strong debut in the Domstad two years ago, but due to a serious knee injury, he was hardly in the play in the last season.

Utrecht pays seven tons to Heracles, which includes the transfer from Dessers.

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