Wed. Aug 21st, 2019

Wiegman does not yet realize: "Maybe in six months" – FIFA World Cup football (f)

Moments later in the studio with reporter Jeroen Stekelenburg, Wiegman also mentioned another strength of the team. "We are correcting each other's mistakes. Today, Sari (van Veenendaal, ed.) Was very good at keeping and she is becoming important. Thank you for always being divided."

"Back exactly on time"

"When we won the European Championship it was already unreal," said Wiegman. "The team has made enormous progress. We also felt like this towards the World Cup: everything is possible. Even though the chance is small, we go for it. Also in the final. It is certainly possible."

Wiegman also explained why she walked in before the end of the extension. "I drink a lot during the match and then you have to go to the bathroom a lot too. But I returned just in time."

See the summary of the Netherlands-Sweden semi-final below

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