Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

Being overheard by Davids, you won't get a bite down your throat

A total of 270 international matches at the table Studio Soccer. Rafael van der Vaart (109 international matches, 2001-2013), Pierre van Hooijdonk (46 international matches, 1994-2004) and John van 't Schip (41 international matches, 1986-1995) are regularly guests at presenter Tom Egbers, but for Edgar Davids (74 international matches, 1994-2005), the cameras have become a less familiar environment in recent years.

"It was a great period," says 46-year-old Davids about his time with the Dutch national team. Although he would have liked to have been with Orange a little earlier. He would have liked to go to the 1994 World Cup. "I had played well for months, or actually for a season. It was not like now that you are called up after three good games."

A place free next to Davids

Rafael van der Vaart remembers his first introduction to Davids at Orange well. "Edgar was one of my heroes and I farted in my pants," says Van der Vaart. "At breakfast everyone had a permanent place and there was always a place free next to Edgar. He went to hear about all kinds of things. Questions like what kind of car are you driving? I didn't get a bite down my throat of course."

"You are no longer bothered by it, you can't get a bite through your throat", Van 't Schip jokes.

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