Sun. May 19th, 2019

Van Bommel after losing PSV: 'You have to be realistic, the championship is gone'

The title race was played after the defeat of PSV at AZ (1-0), coach Mark van Bommel realizes. "It's theoretically still possible, but you have to keep thinking normally."

"You have to be realistic, the championship is gone," he continues. "We played poorly. Our position game was not good, we had far too much ball loss and were sloppy. That's why we don't win."

"We had a few good chances, even after we found out", captain Luuk de Jong observes, who was not concerned with the fast lead of Utrecht at Ajax. "You first have to win the competition yourself. You don't do that and then it's done."

"Win twice yourself"

"Ajax has had a big damper this week, I experienced it myself", says Van Bommel, who went down in 2005 in the last minute of the semi-final of the Champions League against AC Milan.

The same happened to Ajax last Wednesday against Tottenham Hotspur. Van Bommel: "For us, this changed a little in the feeling, but that does not affect this competition. You just have to win twice."

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